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Welcome to H.G. Rant Brushmakers Limited, your reputable supplier of high quality brushes. We have been manufacturing top quality brushes since 1930 and are widely known for being one of the most reliable and dependable brush manufacturers in the United Kingdom. With brushes that can be used for cleaning, painting, polishing and much more, our product range varies by size and dimension. Understanding that it takes different strokes to rule the world, whatever your brush requirements we can surely cater to your requirements!

Every enquiry is important to us and we take the time to understand and explore all the possibilities to meet or even exceed the needs of our clients. Can’t find your brush of choice? Talk to us with your enquiries on 01494 539113, we are always happy to help. Online orders are welcomed via our secure Secpay credit card system or you can talk to one of our experts.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Manufacturing a wide variety of brushes, from basic cleaning equipment through to intricate painting tools, our wide range can be used for housekeeping, personal grooming, arts and crafts and many more. Our comprehensive range of brushes includes:

  • Pastry Brushes
  • A must-have in the kitchen, we offer various pastry brushes for easy glazing. Our range includes everything from the standard pastry brush through to colour-coded alternatives – you name it, we have it.

  • Paint Brushes
  • Our paint brushes assure lifetime durability and are perfect for even the most discerning DIY enthusiasts.

  • Cleaning and Dusting Brushes
  • Our cleaning and dusting brushes are manufactured using various materials including nylon, fibre, hair, polyester and many more.

  • Polishing Brushes
  • We manufacture brushes that are perfect for indoor or outdoor polishing work.

  • Artist Brushes
  • The finest and most unique artist brushes are made with natural fibres and are available with wooden handles that are crafted from carefully selected timber.

  • Applicator Brushes
  • From the sash brush, edge inker, radiator brush and many more, our applicator brushes are available in different sizes and dimensions.

  • Other Categories
  • We supply a good range of brooms, janitorial products, paint rollers and accessories... A workman is only as good as his tools! Based in the UK, H G Rant supplies a plethora of brushes to suit various applications. We even accept special orders to cater to the specific requirements of our clients. With 85 years’ experience in the industry, our traditional brush making methods remain unrivalled. We can also supply excellent quality brushes using the latest CNC machines. For enquiries, send us an email at info@hgrant-brushmakers.co.uk.


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